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Carpe Diem

In Poetry on March 28, 2018 at 4:44 pm


She was dying…

To get out of milk stains

And that wee face.

Dying to grow to her teens.

To wear, maybe shirt and jeans.


Dying to have more friends.

And tour with no ends.

Dying to be a teen,

And thought time was mean.


In her teens she was dying.

Dying to grow older

For the crackling fire had stayed constant

In the absence of glow and friends.


Books and papers surrounded her.

Time flew and duties piled up.

And again, she was dying.

For job, to be called “grown-up’’.


With a job, she was dying

For a family, so loving

For tired she was with life

That she died for some care.

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Melancholy to mirth

In Poetry on July 8, 2017 at 9:02 am


She begged the breeze

‘Blow on my face and dry my tears

Dry my face to find the beauty within’

The breeze did blow, but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged the sea

‘Splash on my face and wash away my tears

Wash them away to find the glow within’.

The waves did splash but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged the rain

‘Fall on my face and hide my tears

Hide them away to find the radiance within’

The rain did fall but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged no more

As she had lost hope.

The breeze did blow, the waves did splash

The rain did fall, but her tears didn’t cease.

Then, as she turned her back to life

As she let the tears roll on and on

And as she let the darkness engulf her,

She saw light…

Those faces were not pretty

But there was this angelic halo around them.

Her parents, two guardian angels

Her friends, crazy but lovely little people

Her love, from within her heart…

She didn’t need the breeze

Nor the sea nor the rain.

She just needed a sweet smile

Of these people she loved.

Her tears ceased, her face dried.

On her face, a sweet curve spread

And she finally found what she always wanted

The lost traces of her beauty…

by Nyma Nazreen, XI A

As she walked by the shore…

In Poetry, Uncategorized on July 1, 2017 at 9:05 am


As she walked by the shore,
Her footprints on sand,
Met with unknown,
As the waves crashed each other,
Longing to touch her feet,
Only to take the sins away,
She looked at the sand castles made of dreams,
The seashells she collected now,
Will be bracelets then,
The wind whispering the tale of unknown,
And the clouds so deep,
For stories so new,
And as she looked back at the ocean,
She saw life and stories,
Hope and dreams,
And there she was,
Standing at the present,
Smiling at her mysterious future and the immortal past…

By Prarthana Manoj, XII D

Oh dear wayfarer..

In Poetry, Uncategorized on March 24, 2017 at 8:46 am


Oh dear wayfarer.
Don’t you miss how my lips curve when I smile for photographs ?
Or my straight golden mane that traces my spine down my nape, splits at the small of my back.
I ask you, do you miss me ?
Do you miss me like
The saltiness of the sea in a desert;
The muskiness of winter in summer;
The fall of leaves in spring;
Do you miss the beginning to our end ?
Does the world miss the warmth of your steps when you lie by my side and chose love over love.

Oh wayfarer. I’ll be patient.
I’ll be patient while you find replacements .
I’ll be patient while you search for belongingness at home.
I’ll be patient while you weigh love to love, two sides of a balance.
I’ll be patient.

I’ll be patient because you know your answers.

I’ll be patient , for in patience there is hope.

And time.

By Rakshanya Shekar, XII C

An Ode to Harry Potter

In Poetry on October 10, 2014 at 11:30 pm

It took only seven books
To change the world’s looks
On the enchanting word magic
A boy whose story in tragic
Is the one portrayed
Whose parents were betrayed
By their dearest friend

With a lightning scar
He has travelled far
Into the children’s minds
More than anyone’s finds

Not to mention Hermione granger
Who saved Harry from every danger
Her bossiness and wits
Were just loved by the kids

Harry’s other sidekick, Ron weasly
Brother of Ginny weasly
Hermione Granger’s husband
And brother-in-law of his own friend

Harry potter’s other friends like Neville longbottom
Seamus, dean and Cedric have reached the heart’s bottom
The jokers of Hogwarts
From Fred and George onwards
Have made the world a beautiful place
With people of Harry potter craze.

Thestrals, hippogriffs , dragons and spiders
Have made all readers it’s riders ,
In each one’s imagination
All thanks to Rowling’s creation

Spells, charms and potions
Have changed everybody’s notions
Elfs,goblins ,owls and dementors
Act as a child’s mentors
On values in a society.

And then there are the Hogwarts’s teachers,
Which also includes some cheaters,
Dumbledore, Minerva, Snape and umbridge,
Can give more information than in Cambridge,
On witchcraft and wizardry.

Quidditch, a magical game,
In which Harry’s got fame
Is fun to see
As tickets are free.

Prongs ,padfoot, moony and wormtail
Whose stories are quite a tale
Are an example of good friendship.

The greatest evil wizard ever born
Is Lord Voldemort
The death eaters ,his followers
Are said to be even worse
Includes Harry’s school rival Draco Malfoy.

From Bellatrix to Fenrir Greyback
Love is what they lack
Can the chosen one bring it back?
Or will he become one in their sack ?

All these stories
Have entertained children more than fairies
But it all ends one day
And it unacceptable that there is no other way
All the children in the world sing in choir
Au revoir! Au revoir! Au revoir!


R. Nithyasree

(First Prize: Spot Poetry Competition in connection with Harry Potters’ Birthday 2014)