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Science, Maths & Environment Exhibition 2014-‘15

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Students of Classes VI to XI are instructed to go through the topics for SCIENCE MATHEMATICS AND ENVIRONMENT EXHIBITION 2014-15. Participation
is compulsory.Vidyalaya Level Exhibition will be conducted in the third week of October.For further details students can contact concerned
science and Maths teachers.

Students of classes  VIII,IX,X and XI are instructed to go through the sub themes of Science Congress, students can select the topic of
interest and contact the following teachers for further details on or before 18-09-2014.

Class VIII-Ms.Susmitha
Class IX-Ms.Manju/Ms.Maya/Shineraj
ClassX-Ms.Chandrika V K/Ms.T LBindu



All children are naturally motivated to learned are capable of learning.The knowledge

acquired by them is the outcome of their own activity. Children learn through interaction with nature,people and environment around.They construct knowledge by connecting new ideas to their existing ideas.In order to stimulate creativity, inventiveness and the attitude for innovation in science and mathematics, National Curriculum Framework(NCF-2005) emphasizes on activities,experiments, technological modules,etc. It also encourages implementation of various activities through a massive expansion of channels such as organisation of science, mathematics and environment exhibition at the national level for school students, with feeder exhibitions at school/block/tehsil/district/region/state levels.

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