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Carpe Diem

In Poetry on March 28, 2018 at 4:44 pm


She was dying…

To get out of milk stains

And that wee face.

Dying to grow to her teens.

To wear, maybe shirt and jeans.


Dying to have more friends.

And tour with no ends.

Dying to be a teen,

And thought time was mean.


In her teens she was dying.

Dying to grow older

For the crackling fire had stayed constant

In the absence of glow and friends.


Books and papers surrounded her.

Time flew and duties piled up.

And again, she was dying.

For job, to be called “grown-up’’.


With a job, she was dying

For a family, so loving

For tired she was with life

That she died for some care.

One day back from work

It happened…

Down from the heavens

Came the silver tears

Of that man up in the skies.


She held open her parasol

Only her fingers out to the rain.

But then…she paused to contemplate

As if the seraph’s tears spoke to her.


She was dying when a kid,

Dying, when a teen

Dying to grow big

And big now, she was still dying.


Did she forget to live?

Time’ll fly past and

Soon she’ll find herself old,

Marks of wisdom crowning her.


But she wanted to live,

To smile, to breathe…

An impulse. She threw back

Her shield, was touched,

All over by angel’s tears.


She took a deep breath,

Smiled and realized,

That after all, it was beautiful,

This thing called life.


Nyma Nazreen, XII A

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