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Elevating the Self: A Book on Values

In Books on December 1, 2017 at 11:07 am

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’Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel’’, said Socrates over 2000 years ago. In this present century, we find ourselves standing at the cross roads. The road that leads to perspective and perfection, power and plenitude, pleasure and performance are also the roads littered with despair and discontent, distrust and destruction, displeasure and disregard.

Perhaps, every generation laments the fall in moral values of the younger generation. A change is needed, from vision-without to vision- within, to bridge the gap between what is and what ought to be.

Acknowledging the need for values to make life complete, meaningful and secure may be the first step towards the creation of a future society that is firmly founded on a strong and wholesome value system.

Inner refinement and growth become imperative. Schools play a crucial role in mission oriented learning with a definite value system. The Integrity Club of our Vidyalaya make sincere efforts to inspire and re-kindle the values in our children. We execute a variety of activities to enrich and ennoble them and to develop them as good human beings. It is our fervent desire that value oriented education initiates introspection, good thinking and reflection filling the vacuum that is being generally felt in today’s complex competitive society.

We cannot expect children to be epitome of values, but everyone has in him something his own, a strength, a spark. They have unquestionable capacity to elevate their life by a conscious endeavour. The task is to find it, develop it and use it.

Sharing a value is uplifting a value. This book is the simple reflections of the young minds and a humble attempt to make them realize that ‘It is the spiritual light that glows inside us which ELEVATES US.

Hope their vision turn to be a beacon light with an eternal glow that will guide the sea of humanity in the coming ages.

Jolly Joseph
Teacher Incharge
Integrity club


“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

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On 23rd of November, 2017, a trekking was organised by the scouts and guides department. A team of 51 students along with 5 escort teachers headed to the Kottoor Wildlife Sanctuary or the Agasthyavanam Biological Park at sharp 7:15 am from school. We reported at the sanctuary by around 9 am and was allowed to use the dormitory for keeping our baggages and getting ourselves ready for the day’s activities.

We were soon served with a hearty breakfast at the canteen and was guided to the place where elephants were tied up after their morning meal. We, with great excitement and eager watched the movements and doings of the elephants and spotted their names and age put up on a board. This further aroused our fervour and we were soon busy finding who was who, finding their name by guessing their ages according to their appearances. We were told that the eldest elephant there, ‘Soman’ was 44 years of age. Then we were directed to an adjoining area wherein we were shown 5 baby elephants with two caretakers. A baby elephant of 2 months age was also there who was caught from the Nilambur Forest recently. Some of my friends even suggested a name for the baby elephant.

Then by around 10:45, we moved into the forest area for our trekking. We were informed that the thicket was a home to varied number of species ranging from wild bison to leopard, and hence we were asked to maintain perfect silence so as not to disturb them. We took a walk through the thicket, found different tree species, played in springs and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest in all way possible. The gentle breeze that glided by our side, stroked us with its smooth touch. The venture made us realize that the wilderness holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask.

Then by around 1:30 pm we were back at the canteen for lunch. We were served a scrumptious lunch with a variety of tasty curries. At this juncture, it’s worth mentioning that, all the food items we were served with, were all prepared in a traditional way, in chulhas or hearths and using grindstones. We were told that they do not make use of LPG’s nor do they use mixies or grinders and I guess that’s what made it so healthy and tasty.

After a small rest we were soon called for a small class by Sir Rajendran, Deputy Range Officer. We were told about the sanctuary, the elephants there and also about forest in general. We were made aware of the dire need to conserve wildlife and its natural habitat. It was a sort of interactive session and went on very well. By around 3:30, after having our tea and snacks we bid adieu to the woods with a heavy heart and a promise to conserve them in all possible ways.

“Friends, there is no Wi-Fi in the forest but I promise that you’ll find a better connection there.

Let’s take our heart and soul for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of trees.”

 -Anna Rose Antony, XI-E

Melancholy to mirth

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She begged to the breeze

‘Blow on my face and dry my tears

Dry my face to find the beauty within’

The breeze did blow, but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged to the sea

‘Splash on my face and wash away my tears

Wash them away to find the glow within’.

The waves did splash but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged to the rain

‘Fall on my face and hide my tears

Hide them away to find the radiance within’

The rain did fall but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged no more

As she had lost hope.

The breeze did blow, the waves did splash

The rain did fall, but her tears didn’t cease.

Then, as she turned her back to life

As she let the tears roll on and on

And as she let the darkness engulf her,

She saw light…

Those faces were not pretty

But there was this angelic halo around them.

Her parents, two guardian angels

Her friends, crazy but lovely little people

Her love, from within her heart…

She didn’t need the breeze

Nor the sea nor the rain.

She just needed a sweet smile

Of these people she loved.

Her tears ceased, her face dried.

On her face, a sweet curve spread

And she finally found what she always wanted

The lost traces of her beauty…

by Nyma Nazreen, XI C