E Zine of KV Pattom published by the Library

Melancholy to mirth

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She begged to the breeze

‘Blow on my face and dry my tears

Dry my face to find the beauty within’

The breeze did blow, but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged to the sea

‘Splash on my face and wash away my tears

Wash them away to find the glow within’.

The waves did splash but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged to the rain

‘Fall on my face and hide my tears

Hide them away to find the radiance within’

The rain did fall but her tears didn’t cease.

She begged no more

As she had lost hope.

The breeze did blow, the waves did splash

The rain did fall, but her tears didn’t cease.

Then, as she turned her back to life

As she let the tears roll on and on

And as she let the darkness engulf her,

She saw light…

Those faces were not pretty

But there was this angelic halo around them.

Her parents, two guardian angels

Her friends, crazy but lovely little people

Her love, from within her heart…

She didn’t need the breeze

Nor the sea nor the rain.

She just needed a sweet smile

Of these people she loved.

Her tears ceased, her face dried.

On her face, a sweet curve spread

And she finally found what she always wanted

The lost traces of her beauty…

by Nyma Nazreen, XI C


As she walked by the shore…

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As she walked by the shore,
Her footprints on sand,
Met with unknown,
As the waves crashed each other,
Longing to touch her feet,
Only to take the sins away,
She looked at the sand castles made of dreams,
The seashells she collected now,
Will be bracelets then,
The wind whispering the tale of unknown,
And the clouds so deep,
For stories so new,
And as she looked back at the ocean,
She saw life and stories,
Hope and dreams,
And there she was,
Standing at the present,
Smiling at her mysterious future and the immortal past…

By Prarthana Manoj, XII D

The Girl by the Lamp Post

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Darkness. It was pitch black all around. A man going for a late night stroll in Privet Street would be accompanied by nothing but the sound of crickets. A cool breeze was blowing. At the stroke of midnight, I heard a scream. A scream of complete agony…

Starting off like this, you would think mine is a ghost story which it is not. Hi! My name is Swapnika Priya. Sixteen years old. I was a very self- centered girl and unlike all the other music and love crazy idiots of my age, all I wanted at the moment was a gaming laptop. Mom had promised to get me one. She was not at home but had gone to Mumbai to visit my dad and would return the next day. Now resuming what I started with.

I was all alone in the Apartment. Except for my pet cat, it was just me and Pokémon Go. At midnight exactly, I did hear that scream. It was one of agony, fear. I felt myself getting paralyzed with fear. What was that? Surely, it was the scream of a girl. The feminist inside me asked me to go to her rescue. But the terrified, scaredy cat inside me urged me to get under my blanket. It was a debate between my ‘bold girl’ self and my ‘I’m so scared of cockroach’ self in which the bold girl won. I gathered up all my courage and went out of my apartment. I was quite pleased to see that the scream of the girl had disturbed the sleeps of my neighbors and they were all coming out of their apartments. Good, so I was not imagining things. I swiftly joined the small group of people going out to see where that voice came from.

As I came to the grounds, I noticed that there was a small crowd gathered around the lamp post. I pushed my way through the crowd and there, I saw this girl who taught me, or rather, made me realize so many things in just one night.

Sitting under the lamp post was a girl, pretty one, maybe of around my age. She was very pale. Anyone could say with just one look at her face that she was petrified with fear. A thousand questions popped into my head. But the self- centered, poor creature inside me prevented me from voicing them. Fortunately, Ravi uncle stepped forward. “Who are you girl? Came to steal or what? Huh?”