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Ev’ry heart beats true, ‘neath the red, white and blue…

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…With folded fists on either side, she stood in perfect attention listening to every single word that was uttered in-front of her by the students with due respect.

Wondering about what I’m upto this time? Read ahead and see for yourself.

The ‘Get, Set, Ready, Go!’ participants present at the Scouts & Guides Rashtrapathy Testing Camp 2018, got to witness a very different incident which gave more warmth to the blood of patriotism that was flowing through our veins. I believe that this feeling didn’t occur just in me, but in all 222 minds that was present at the camp.

At first we were a bit doubtful if she would stand still in the perfect way, till all of us completed the test. But yeah indeed she stood and that’s what exactly grabbed our attention.

While we lined up for our chance to be called upon to be tested how proficiently we sang our National Anthem, most of us noticed the perfect way in which our LOC ma’am, Mrs. Shivangi Saxena, Regional Organising Commissioner of Guides, stood listening to the same. Till now none of us have witnessed such an instance though we had ourselves tested for the same in the preceding levels.

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“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

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On 23rd of November, 2017, a trekking was organised by the scouts and guides department. A team of 51 students along with 5 escort teachers headed to the Kottoor Wildlife Sanctuary or the Agasthyavanam Biological Park at sharp 7:15 am from school. We reported at the sanctuary by around 9 am and was allowed to use the dormitory for keeping our baggages and getting ourselves ready for the day’s activities.

We were soon served with a hearty breakfast at the canteen and was guided to the place where elephants were tied up after their morning meal. We, with great excitement and eager watched the movements and doings of the elephants and spotted their names and age put up on a board. This further aroused our fervour and we were soon busy finding who was who, finding their name by guessing their ages according to their appearances. We were told that the eldest elephant there, ‘Soman’ was 44 years of age. Then we were directed to an adjoining area wherein we were shown 5 baby elephants with two caretakers. A baby elephant of 2 months age was also there who was caught from the Nilambur Forest recently. Some of my friends even suggested a name for the baby elephant.

Then by around 10:45, we moved into the forest area for our trekking. We were informed that the thicket was a home to varied number of species ranging from wild bison to leopard, and hence we were asked to maintain perfect silence so as not to disturb them. We took a walk through the thicket, found different tree species, played in springs and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest in all way possible. The gentle breeze that glided by our side, stroked us with its smooth touch. The venture made us realize that the wilderness holds answers to questions we have not yet learned to ask.

Then by around 1:30 pm we were back at the canteen for lunch. We were served a scrumptious lunch with a variety of tasty curries. At this juncture, it’s worth mentioning that, all the food items we were served with, were all prepared in a traditional way, in chulhas or hearths and using grindstones. We were told that they do not make use of LPG’s nor do they use mixies or grinders and I guess that’s what made it so healthy and tasty.

After a small rest we were soon called for a small class by Sir Rajendran, Deputy Range Officer. We were told about the sanctuary, the elephants there and also about forest in general. We were made aware of the dire need to conserve wildlife and its natural habitat. It was a sort of interactive session and went on very well. By around 3:30, after having our tea and snacks we bid adieu to the woods with a heavy heart and a promise to conserve them in all possible ways.

“Friends, there is no Wi-Fi in the forest but I promise that you’ll find a better connection there.

Let’s take our heart and soul for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of trees.”

 -Anna Rose Antony, XI-E


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KV Pattom Image

One fine morning in 1987, I stepped into this unique institution. A journey from an ordinary village school to a pace setting institution – an incredible journey which was never in my dreams, if at all I dreamt. Is it Takshasilaa or Nalanda, Oxford or Cambridge standing its head held so high and blessing the thousands of its progenies all through these years?

Once I felt the pain of parting it! Now I am really honoured to be a part, on the threshold of the Golden Jubilee of this epitome of excellence, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pattom.It gives me immense pleasure to recollect the past while the past makes history. And it also gives me a pricking pain while I offer a handful of flowers for my beloved children and friends who lost their way in between.

The mother can always be proud not only because her children have grown into doctors, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, statesmen, administrators etc but also because they always remain the same tied up to an association– ALUMNI– and keep the mother close to their hearts. Machines may take over the warmth and faith of human relationships in future. But the loving children who visit me every year and who remember me on the important moments of their lives give me hope and happiness. I cherish the sweet, old memories at K V Pattom. I am really privileged to be a teacher, which was surely my dream, but feels more privileged when my student becomes a colleague of mine in the same school and even more ecstatic when I could teach both the parent and the son and became a teacher of two generations! Salutation to all my colleagues who bid good bye to K V PATTOM. Good days ahead my dear second home!

Let the Moto of K V PATTOM soar high and spread far!


By: G S Ranjini

Primary Teacher

KV Pattom-Shift I


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The time a student spends in school is the most enjoyable and learning part of his\her life. It decides the future of one’s life. The teachers in the school help us in achieving this. We do all what the teacher tells us to do.

My favourite teacher is my English teacher of class 5 in Kendriya Vidyalaya A.F.S Akkulam. Her name is Mrs Shobha. We used to enjoy her class. It was very interesting and also informative. She pointed out our mistakes and encouraged us to do better the next time. She also tells us to do activities in the class such as: One day in our class we made aloo chat it was fun making it in class with madam helping us .With this activity we learned to share and do things together. She used to share her life experiences with us. She used to tell us to do a lot of book reading. She used to never beat anyone but she was very strict .Even now I keep talking to her on the phone for her advice and inspiration.






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Something never to forget


It was a pleasant day. The dawn had just broken. We were able to hear the chirping of the birds all through our way as they were following us. This journey was unique from other holiday journeys as mother alone accompanied me. We reached the hills of Ponmudi, as she had to attend a conference. I was taken along with her not only because it was a holiday but also to get a relief out of this tiring world as I was suffering from a cudgel in the brain and a journey to a tourist spot was the prescription by the doctor. We stayed in a lodge. The sun has just risen. I found my mothers hands around me. She asked me whether I was well or not and then started hugging me just like how hens protect their eggs. I saw the light of love and care in her eyes which not only brighten my mind but also brought tears in my eyes. My sweet mom was trying all her best to cheer me and make me enjoy the day as my father had to go to a tour to Angamali.I knew that it was a hard task for her to play his role in his absence but what I was interested was in her gestures and laugh which looked natural or may be that was what my mother have been all these years and simply I was not able to or I didn’t try to know my mother. I found it difficult to compare my mother’s love with anything in this whole world. It may be because I love her that much. After hours and hours of thinking, now, I got a think to compare my love or importance which is just like how important my life is or I love her deeply which makes me always ready to sacrifice my life itself for her without any pre-preparations.


Swathy L.B.

       IX D