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Oh dear wayfarer..

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Oh dear wayfarer.
Don’t you miss how my lips curve when I smile for photographs ?
Or my straight golden mane that traces my spine down my nape, splits at the small of my back.
I ask you, do you miss me ?
Do you miss me like
The saltiness of the sea in a desert;
The muskiness of winter in summer;
The fall of leaves in spring;
Do you miss the beginning to our end ?
Does the world miss the warmth of your steps when you lie by my side and chose love over love.

Oh wayfarer. I’ll be patient.
I’ll be patient while you find replacements .
I’ll be patient while you search for belongingness at home.
I’ll be patient while you weigh love to love, two sides of a balance.
I’ll be patient.

I’ll be patient because you know your answers.

I’ll be patient , for in patience there is hope.

And time.

By Rakshanya Shekar, XII C

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