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RUNNING RACE by Rohn Varghese Sam

In Short Stories on February 7, 2008 at 10:33 am



Ranjan was getting ready for the National School Meet in his school. He was very good in running race. His school was five kilometers away from his house. He was very poor. He had an old bicycle on which he used to go to his school. On the day of the sports meet, unfortunately his bicycle broke and it will take half an hour for him to reach the school. The meet was about to start at 11:30am.Now the time was 10:15. Suddenly a heavy rain occurred and his mother did not allow him to go. He prayed to god. He prayed and prayed. At last the rain stopped at 10:20. He knew that he would not reach school in proper time. But he did not loose his confidence. He ran out of his house. Suddenly he slipped in a marshy place and he slipped through a small tunnel. He closed his eyes. He thought that he was going to die.  When he opened his eyes, he was stunned!  He was in the backyard of his school.  He thanked God.  It was 10.29 a.m. He ran to the school and when the volunteers called his name,  he registered his name for the running race.  He won the first prize.  He was delighted.  He brought the trophy to the house and when he was telling about the miracle, suddenly he heard a voice, “wake up! Ranjan wake up. Today is your running race.”  Suddenly he woke up and he thought  “what a wonderful dream it was!”  This gave him confidence that he can make his dream come true.


Rohn Varghese Sam,

Class VII B (Second shift) 

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B.Surendran, Librarian(Shift-II)