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Ev’ry heart beats true, ‘neath the red, white and blue…

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…With folded fists on either side, she stood in perfect attention listening to every single word that was uttered in-front of her by the students with due respect.

Wondering about what I’m upto this time? Read ahead and see for yourself.

The ‘Get, Set, Ready, Go!’ participants present at the Scouts & Guides Rashtrapathy Testing Camp 2018, got to witness a very different incident which gave more warmth to the blood of patriotism that was flowing through our veins. I believe that this feeling didn’t occur just in me, but in all 222 minds that was present at the camp.

At first we were a bit doubtful if she would stand still in the perfect way, till all of us completed the test. But yeah indeed she stood and that’s what exactly grabbed our attention.

While we lined up for our chance to be called upon to be tested how proficiently we sang our National Anthem, most of us noticed the perfect way in which our LOC ma’am, Mrs. Shivangi Saxena, Regional Organising Commissioner of Guides, stood listening to the same. Till now none of us have witnessed such an instance though we had ourselves tested for the same in the preceding levels.

The Guides with the LOC ma’am. 

Respect is a genuine gesture and I should say that she was a true model who further deepened our respect for the National Anthem and our National Flag. By being the spectators of this lively incident, all of us could undeniably realize that ‘A real patriot’s heart beats true to his country’.

Have you ever thought, what this elegant word really point out to? At least some of you might have pondered on this for excelling in one or the other competition. But I’m sure that just a mere read through with the topic won’t have carved a niche for itself in your hearts. It’s only when you put your mind and soul fully into it that you realise the depth and breadth of it.

Now if I ask you if you are a real patriot, you may answer me positively because your thought maybe like, ‘…yeah I do stand in perfect attention when our national song is being sung or the flag ceremony is going on…so I’m a patriot.’

Though I can’t say that this ain’t a matter of patriotism I can pretty well say that there is something more to it. If you’re a person who stays still for the anthem but right away goes and puts a dagger on to someone  causing a bone of contention, then what’s the point in saying you’re a patriot?

Patriotism is showing love, devotion, and dedication to one’s country. But the difference lies in what is signified by the term ‘country’. Is it just confined to our motherland; the mere abiotic factors of it? Absolutely NOT. There comes the difference. The ‘country’ signifies all the social factors both biotic and abiotic that in one way or the other supports the growth and well-being of a person.

I believe you too support my thought. It’s high time we realize the fact that all the drudgery, toil, struggle, exploitation, murders and abuses that we all cause in one way or the other, big or small, takes us in a different track.

…But still we proudly boasts we’re a ‘PATRIOT’!

Have a real thought about it!



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