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In Experience on January 28, 2008 at 12:41 pm

Something never to forget


It was a pleasant day. The dawn had just broken. We were able to hear the chirping of the birds all through our way as they were following us. This journey was unique from other holiday journeys as mother alone accompanied me. We reached the hills of Ponmudi, as she had to attend a conference. I was taken along with her not only because it was a holiday but also to get a relief out of this tiring world as I was suffering from a cudgel in the brain and a journey to a tourist spot was the prescription by the doctor. We stayed in a lodge. The sun has just risen. I found my mothers hands around me. She asked me whether I was well or not and then started hugging me just like how hens protect their eggs. I saw the light of love and care in her eyes which not only brighten my mind but also brought tears in my eyes. My sweet mom was trying all her best to cheer me and make me enjoy the day as my father had to go to a tour to Angamali.I knew that it was a hard task for her to play his role in his absence but what I was interested was in her gestures and laugh which looked natural or may be that was what my mother have been all these years and simply I was not able to or I didn’t try to know my mother. I found it difficult to compare my mother’s love with anything in this whole world. It may be because I love her that much. After hours and hours of thinking, now, I got a think to compare my love or importance which is just like how important my life is or I love her deeply which makes me always ready to sacrifice my life itself for her without any pre-preparations.


Swathy L.B.

       IX D