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One fine morning in 1987, I stepped into this unique institution. A journey from an ordinary village school to a pace setting institution – an incredible journey which was never in my dreams, if at all I dreamt. Is it Takshasilaa or Nalanda, Oxford or Cambridge standing its head held so high and blessing the thousands of its progenies all through these years?

Once I felt the pain of parting it! Now I am really honoured to be a part, on the threshold of the Golden Jubilee of this epitome of excellence, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pattom.It gives me immense pleasure to recollect the past while the past makes history. And it also gives me a pricking pain while I offer a handful of flowers for my beloved children and friends who lost their way in between.

The mother can always be proud not only because her children have grown into doctors, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, statesmen, administrators etc but also because they always remain the same tied up to an association– ALUMNI– and keep the mother close to their hearts. Machines may take over the warmth and faith of human relationships in future. But the loving children who visit me every year and who remember me on the important moments of their lives give me hope and happiness. I cherish the sweet, old memories at K V Pattom. I am really privileged to be a teacher, which was surely my dream, but feels more privileged when my student becomes a colleague of mine in the same school and even more ecstatic when I could teach both the parent and the son and became a teacher of two generations! Salutation to all my colleagues who bid good bye to K V PATTOM. Good days ahead my dear second home!

Let the Moto of K V PATTOM soar high and spread far!


By: G S Ranjini

Primary Teacher

KV Pattom-Shift I

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