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Face a Book : The Reading Challenge

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Face a Book (FaB): The Reading Challenge is a summer reading programme to promote reading habit during the summer holidays , followed by  continuous and yearlong activities to evaluate its effectiveness.

Project website: www.faceabook.info


The basic objectives of the project are,

  1. to help the students to enjoy reading more and motivate them to read for pleasure
  2. to develop critical reading skills like comprehension, speed, note taking and referencing
  3. to encourage critical thinking, innovation and creativity
  4. to make the students lifelong readers and learners

Project Planning


  1. Fifty (50) students, divided in to two groups (Age 11-14 and Age 15-17), will be selected for the project as FaB Challengers. They will register on the project website.
  2. Fifty Books will be selected from the Library based on their content and the age of the reader.
  3. Each FaB Challenger will be given with a Book.


  1. Each FaB Challenger has to prepare a scrap book titled as “My Little Book on_______”, with a review of the selected book, author profile, bibliography (list of books by the author or written on the book), character sketches, new words/phrases, drawings, paintings, quizzes, quotations, images, comments, references, etc. The scrap book shall be submitted at the time of reopening.
  2. The FaB Challengers will be provided access to the project blog, where they can post contents like reviews, comments, critical analysis, notes, studies and recommendations
  3. A one minute video of the  FaB Challenger will be shot in which he/she has to present a review of the book. The videos will be uploaded in to the project website.
  4. The FaB Challengers have to present an item on the book in the School Assembly.


  1. A FaB Challenger will act as an authority of the particular book and the author.
  2. All FaB Challengers will be honoured with ‘Fab Challenger’ badges and participation certificates.


  1. All FaB Challengers will be evaluated throughout the Project period and graded accordingly. Based on the performance they will be awarded at the end of the project.


All activities under the project will be evaluated by a group of teachers at specific intervals.

Click here to download the Brochure

Face a Book Challenege (FaB Challenege) Brochure

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