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“My Best Friend’s funeral” poem by Naveena Pradeep

In Poetry on December 17, 2011 at 12:07 pm
I cast a glance
Crestfallen was I
When i saw your face
from the fallen heights

There it was,
Worst nightmare  i ever had.
Waited for it to pass,
Cold!! your face lying in the ground.

Why?I ask
Did you kill yourself?
Now,I wish I had worn a mask.

Tickling, it feels
down my cheeks.
Tears,they say
And i believe.
Why? I ask
Am I crying now?
You are gone…forgetting what was your last task.
You should have said.
To me,your friend.
I could have mend,
Reason for your death.
Now am here,for your funeral
Not knowing really,
Why you went?
Why?I ask.
Again I ask.
Still!!!In peace .
Are your lovely lips.
Here they are
The cops, you hate.
Searching what’s that
Am also trying to seek.
"Interrogation" they have put us under
How it’s gonna be?
we all wonder.
Family of yours,now
Have started their blunder.
Police!!now,they share a stare
Coz tears,they could never bare
Then they themselves ask
Why the hell should we care?
They came to me
ask "Are you  family?"
I nod my head.
"Lover,you must be"
Right then i confessed.
They whisper of me
And you,just then.
I don’t hear it,
I had to pretend.
Accusatory,where the looks they send
"Didn’t confide to you? Your bestfriend"
"can’t guess?Can you"then they go on
Attention,they got,now they have won.
Such and such
cruely they asked
Until i couldn’t take it
And started to cry.
Dawn it is,
Of this day and my life.
Shadow has fallen on my face,
that’s never gonna change in this case.
For all you did,
wish i had way to pay.
Questions, I end with,
For which you’ll never have a say.
Why?Oh why?
Why couldn’t you?
Just tell me why….
Naveena Pradeep, XI A
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