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Catch 22 : Book review by Varun H. S.

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Catch-22 is like no other novel I have read.Though it is stereotyped as a comedy, it has action,and other stuff. It has attained the status of a modern classic, at least in American Literature.Just as a fact it has added a new word in the Dictionary.

Right in the middle of a war stuck is our hero Yosarian. Well this is guy isn’t like any ordinary war book hero. Instead of fightng of enemies, he makes plans of escpaing the war. This book follows his efforts in making inventive attempts to save his skin from the countlses people who don’t even know him, are trying to to kill him.Well his efforts are quite understandble.Yet if our hero ateempts to excuse himself from the missions, he is trapped by the Great Loyality Oath Crusade, the sinister yet funny beureauratic rule from which comes the name of the book: “A man is considerecd insane if he is willing to fly all the Dangerous Missions, but if he tries to excuse himself of this mission he is consiered Sane and therefore inegligble to be relived.

Taking a philosphical look on the book, the book is a “microcosm of the tewntieth-century as it might look dangeruosly Sane”

On the bottom line this is one book for all the readers of comedy and american litterature.You can get this book in our library.So what are you waiting for get the book!!



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