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INNOCENT MAN By Manishankar

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The book the confesses the innocence of Ron Williamson who is accused of a murder in the town of Ada.Debbie Carter is a cocktail tendor who is found murdered in an apartment one night.Ronnie who has failed very badly in his is at last being accused because the cops didn’t find the real culprit.This was mainly because Ron was druggist,drunkard and a women chaser.He proved his excellence in baseball in his younger age but loses touch as he grew older.He is being sent to jail for 11 years for a murder which he has not commited.John Grisham has explained Ron’s excellence in Baseball too much.That is one of the worst drawbacks of this book.Any reader will lose interest in the book.But if u skip those pages your interest will be regenerated.It is a very good book which u should read and enjoy!!!

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