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MUMBAI By Mahima Unnikrishnan

In Poetry on December 2, 2008 at 11:18 pm

It all happened yesterday,

And I came to know about it only today.

Before anybody could understand anything

The flourishing city of Mumbai was blasted off into nothing

It all took place late into the night,

And Mumbai was suppressed under the terrorists’ might.

For them it was nothing but mere comedy,

While for us it was much more than a tragedy.

The terrorists shot and through grenades,

And corpses lay all around in red liquid.

Our brothers and sisters were shot to death

While we could do nothing to save their breath.

The massive Taj Hotel collapsed into debris,

While many Indian soldiers died saving the victims

The politicians threw insults at each other ,

But, none came forward to console the ones who suffer.

Everybody kept counting the death toll,

But,the tears of the beloved’s was counted for naught.

And let our eyes fill of sorrow and sympathy

While thinking of the martyrs with empathy.


Mahima Unnikrishnan, VIII B


First Prize, Spot Poetry Competition

National Library Week 2008

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