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AIDS By Muneer Subair

In Poem of the Week on December 1, 2008 at 11:26 pm


Its sweet to hear,

But sour to taste;

its a major killer
It kills adults and kids
Kids like me and you

What is there to celebrate?
That people have aids?
I just don’t understand this holiday,
We call “World Aids Day”

This day can’t possibly be for celebrating
Because aids is not something you celebrate
If it’s for supporting and making victims feel better
Then it should be all year round and not just one day in December
Then I ask again, why is there only one day,
For this killer known as aids?

My heart is paining me
when I see AIDS patient
My eyes are hurting me
when I see them suffering
Is AIDS God’s punishment for
the people who went against nature love?
God has created a man and a woman
and he said a man for a woman
God has shown us the beauty of love
and he has taught us the meaning of the love
He wants us to be faithful to our love
Today, the world turned in to dark
The value of the love has been lost
The value of the faith has been lost
This misuse of nature love
angrily spreading AIDS everywhere
Our innocent children are living
in the world of AIDS

Let us fight against this deadly virus AIDS
and save our children and our nation

Mere condoms aren’t the key to AIDS control!
Nor abstinence, a practicable way;
Our sexual excesses have played a role
In making AIDS, the menace of today!


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