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Brisingr review

In Book Reviews by Students on October 26, 2008 at 5:11 pm

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“The Seven Promises Of Eragon Shadeslayer And Saphira Bjartskular” :

“Oaths Sworn…..

Loyalties Tested….

Forces Collide.”

KVETHA FRICAYA, Greetings Friends,

Eragon, Eldest & now Brisingr.

To those new to the Inheritance Series:

It’s written by Christopher Paolini a world wide best Selling Author whose debut book was Eragon. The Inheritance Series is a story about a farm boy Eragon who one day finds a dragon Saphira which changes his destiny. This is set in the middle ages and the land controlled by an evil king Galbotrix and his dragon Shruikan. People who enjoyed the Lord of the Rings Series will like this series even more.

And Now Back To Brisingr:

In this book Eragon finds himself in sticky situation where his loyalties are tested.

Back from the Burning Plains where he leaves Nasusda and the Varden battle the army of Galbotrix he is now in rescue mission to save Katrina with Roran.

In this book you will find more about Eragon’s parentage, his new sword and shocking climax which ends in a death of a character or to be more precise the death of two characters. This proves the mettle of Christopher Paolini talent as a Fantasy Fiction Writer. Though his decision of a new book is welcome one can hope that its (IV book) dictionary of ancient language has more word meanings since some of the words are ignored in Brisingr.

For more just get to the Library and take the book Brisingr or login to Landmark Online shopping and buy it for just Rs 400.

Till then “Atra gulia un ilian tauthr ono un attar ono waise skoliro fra rauthr” Or “May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune”.

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