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WISH By Devika Renjith

In Poetry on September 23, 2008 at 11:36 pm

A wish for a typical image for what I’m missing

Is the solitude of tranquillity.

Away from the humdrum of cities

Where the ugliest personality traits

Its a serene life in company of nature

Bringing the joy of mind,

Controlling the deadliest weapon

With the effective sleeping pill,the peace.

It becomes the amazing moment of life

When one is inquisitive to know the secrets of nature.

In front of incredible computers

One forgets the beautiful blooming flowers

And seven colours of rainbows

As one forgets about another life that exist.

Then we achieve the gifts of nature

Then one touches the prized possession of integrity.

When the contagious spirit shines,

Through the channel of communication

Inside one feels the powerful force of life

And express thanks for the amazing moment

With the most beautiful attire-the smile.



Devika Renjith


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