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MY LITTLE BUNDLE By Salini Johnson

In Poetry on September 23, 2008 at 11:34 pm

Our car rolled onto the platform,

Out he stepped with my mother,

All bundled up,

In thick white flannels;

I had eyes for all but him,

Only visible was his face just like a silvery orb;

Eyes tightly shut,

Sleeping all the way;

Pink pillows bordered his new bed,

Where he was laid gently indeed;

Days went by,

But round the clock he dozed,

With a silent purr in his breathing.

His figure was second to none,

In softness or so I felt;

He had my ear,

On his little ticker,

Beating away peacefully;

A long-lost delicate scent,

A reminiscent fragrance of mother’s milk,

Emanated from my sib day and night;

I caressed his rosy limbs,

I started as his fist,

Closed upon my little finger,

And again he drifted off to a placid nap;

I tickled his velvety feet,

And, for sure, you could see a toothless grin!

Sometimes he conversed,

To the fan circling above,

In his own special language;

These are excerpts from my glory days,

Of those I strain to recollect,

Being in a an orphanage;

These faint memories,

Make me feel I’m not,

An orphan anymore;

They keep me alive,

Like a bag of tiny thousand diamonds.




Salini Johnson


(LibZine Literary Prize 2008 Entry)

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