E Zine of KV Pattom published by the Library


In Poetry on September 23, 2008 at 11:32 pm

Tears swelled
up in my eyes
As I dwelt, upon
my memories to be precise.

The times we had,
How happy we were
But now I feel so sad,
As my friend is no more there.

He walked slowly,
into my heart
And quickly ,
played her part.
Thus leaving a scar,
in my heart,
went so far,
And never came back.

But I still ,
And always
sing the hymns
of those times;
That is when I realised,
How true this saying was,
“Rose is flower,
That lasts for an hour;
Friendship is power,
That lasts forever”.


Muneer Zubair

XI A (Shift-II)

(LibZine Literary Prize 2008 Entry)

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