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Manageing ‘Stress’ by Mrs. Anila Mathews

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Remember the turtle – He makes no progress till he sticks his neck out.

Can we take charge of ourselves under any circumstances?

In our lives, we face many situations that leave us with a feeling of discomfort or inadequacy. It is situations like these that may cause a degree of stress.


Consider these

Your favorite teacher has to leave the school.

→You need to change your school because your parents are transferred.

→You are very keen to be part of the student council but do not make it.

→ You have been selected to represent your school in debate and are not sure if you‘ll be able to win the trophy.

All these situations will make you worried & uncomfortable. In other words all these situations will cause some amount of stress.

Stress is a set of physical, mental and chemical reactions in our body to real or perceived circumstances of fear, danger, excitement, irritation etc.hat motivate us to change and react to the situation

However, stress is not always harmful. Stress is of two kinds’ eustress and distress.

Let us understand the relationship between distress and eustress

-Moderate stress actually improves performance. This is eustress.

-Too much stress impairs performance. This is distress.

-Too little stress decreases motivation, this is apathy.

Too much – or too little is a frequent cause of stress

Simple ways to reduce stress

Let your steam out – talk to somebody who is close to you and can understand you.

→ Manage your time – so that you have all the time to do what you want to do.

→ Anticipate stressful time and prepare accordingly – for an exam or a presentation.

→ Develop supportive techniques – eat right food, exercise, sleep well.

→ Learn how to relax –learn breathing techniques, imagery (transporting yourself to a peaceful place e.g. beach) , yoga.

→ Repeat health enhancing phrases to yourself whenever you feel stressed – e.g. “SMILE”, “Do not take it too seriously” , “Tomorrow another day”



Mrs. Anila Mathews

Life Skill Teacher

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