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DAWN CHORUS bY Salini Johnson

In Poetry on February 15, 2008 at 5:54 pm



At daybreak, I watched my,
Roses covered in tiny dew.
How beautiful! How wonderful!!
I raised my head to see,
The awesome beauty of the horizon.
I paused to hear,
The dawn chorus up at the sky.
Nature at its best,
Covered in lush green around me.
The very sight of Mother Nature,
Eased my mind a lot.
It’s impossible not to, thought I,
Praise the Creator’s wonders.
Fragrance of the blooming flowers,
Which hung in the air,
Brightens up my day ahead.
My mother appeared in the doorway,
Beckoning me to get inside.
I reluctantly agreed to go,
But not before I got a glimpse,
Of the Sun shining out of,
A clear, azure sky.
Salini Johnson
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