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TEAM WORK by Mrs. Anila Mathews

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 When geese fly in formation, they travel about 70% faster than when they fly alone. Geese share leadership. When the lead goose tires, he (or she) rotates back into the “V” And another flies forward to become the leader.


Geese keep company with the fallen. When a sick or weak goose drops out of flight formation, at least one other goose joins to help and protect.

By being part of a team, we too, can accomplish much more, much faster. Words of encouragement and support (honking from behind) help inspire and energize those on the front line, helping them to keep pace in spite of the day to day pressures and fatigue.

And finally, show compassion and care for our fellowmen – a member of the ultimate team, “mankind”.

 The next time you see a formation of geese, remember that it is a reward, a challenge,

and a privilege to be  a  contributing member of the  team.                                                                                                                   


The Universe continues to function as a result of Gigantic Cosmic Teamwork.

Within the gigantic cosmic teamwork are hundreds of smaller teams that are also working in unison, the nest of a bird, your family, the school and factories that produce goods are all teams of different sizes. 

It is common to call small groups working together as teams and where very large groups work we call them organization. In class when four or five work together it is a team, but the school is an organization.

To understand a little more about holistic fulfillment and how teams contribute to it.

There are four important aspects of life like spiritual needs, physical needs, and intellectual Needs and social needs.


Teams contribute to the holistic fulfillment of all its members.  These are the four important aspects of life and fulfillment of all makes life comfortable, enriching and meaningful. This is called holistic fulfillment.   

Life would indeed be incomplete if there were no teams. From the great wonders of the world to the food we see on our tables’ everyday, is because teams are working and we are linked with them.

» The wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, or the Pyramids of Egypt are a result of a gigantic teamwork, Our cultural heritage in the form of beautiful , historical monuments exists because teams of craft persons, architects, masons and designers were working together. These creations of nature and beauty enrich our spirits, similarly, churches, temples, mosques and Gurudwara and other such places of worship fulfill our SPIRITUAL NEEDS.

» Lives are saved everyday because we have hospitals, where teams of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are performing in an organized way their respective roles. Similarly the food that we eat, clothes that we wear and all the things, which are essential for our living, are produced, by factories, farms and organizations which are large teams. These fulfill our PHYSICAL NEEDS.

» Our INTELLECTUAL NEEDS are fulfilled by schools. Colleges and universities, where teachers, professors, scholars, technicians work to educate us. Research Institutes are teams that are working to discover new cures, or invert things that will make life more comfortable for us.

» Finally our SOCIAL NEEDS are fulfilled when we become members of family, friends, clubs and associations that interest us.

 Anila Mathews
Life skill Tr.
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