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The Arabian Sea with its all might, shows up at the sandy beaches of the picturesque islands of Lakshadweep which is a mesmerizing place to be in. The windy beaches provide so much of calmness to the mind that any one tired with the tension of the city life would want to see it and enjoy nature at its best at our very own Union territory of LAKSHADWEEP.  

The trip, which included more fun than worry was a soothing experience for me and now I feel very sad that I couldn’t visit any other island other than the capital, Kavaratti. With the total of 36 islands, Lakshadweep appears as a flock of sheep near the western or the Malabar coast of India. At a distance of around two hundred kilometers from the coast, Lakshadweep is the most beautiful and accessible place from Kerala that one can ever get. Now let me mention about my super cool trip.We boarded the ship called the Bharat Seema to set sail for Lakshadweep. This was my first trip by sea, so I couldn’t deny that I was in tension. My dad had a previous experience so he told me to remain calm, and if I felt  sea sick, then he would call the Doc., who’s room was just beside our owner’s cabin.Now, I felt a little relieved. The time passed by, and the ship was still not moving from Wellington island. As I was feeling a lot bored, liked to call my friend, Remi. We chatted for some time, and the ship was about to move, we said goodbye. As the lunch (let me tell you that on the way to Lakshadweep, the food was really cool!) was being served, for the first time I set sail on the sea. The experience was really exciting! After the long journey, during which we didn’t face much trouble we reached Kavaratti, the capital of Lakshadweep.My dad said to us that we’ll have to jump to the small boat ( we had to go to the islands by small boats as there were no ports on the islands for the ships to be anchored safely) when it comes to the level of the ship . Mom was scared, but when it came to jump, it all felt so easy. Then, after a 20-minute long journey, We reached the jetty in the other part of the island (as the island is only 4-5 kms long and hardly a kilometre) and got off there. Dad’s offices’ vehicle was waiting for us and we, without waiting for anything, we jumped into it (as we were terribly tired) and reached the govt. guest house where we found cool luxury rooms waiting for us. Well, we had a cool stay there. 

Next day, we went for a glass boat (it’s a boat with its base made of thick glass) sail which is as cool as anything. Next, we went to the de-salination plant, where the salty sea water was converted into drinking water. The most amazing thing about that was the water was taken from about 300 ms below the sea surface. The authorities said that this plant didn’t worked in Chennai . And the salt water, which went back , I observed, was chilling cold! I am sorry that I couldn’t get any pics of that building! Next, we went for a tea at the dolphin dive café which offered us a refreshing tea. Then, after we had our lunch, we once more set out for sight seeing.First, we reached the light house from the top of which you can see the whole island, as clearly as on TV! One need’s a man’s nerve to stand there, on top of it which has only a narrow balcony.

Then we went to Ujra mosque, which announces the noble tradition of the native people of Lakshadweep.Our next aim was the small but elaborate museum of marine life.  We also saw a boat building yard.  We will never forget the joy of visiting Lakshadweep.One keeps yearning for more when one goes there. I am still very sorry that I could visit only one island. Our return was by a much smaller ship called Amindivi. This was equally good (except the food. I don’t recommend it!)   I, with my personal experience, am saying that Lakshadweep is the perfect spot for your next holiday.Fun frolic & beauty is there!!!! 

 Vivek S.Warrier


  1. fren me goin to lakshadweep (kavaratti) this december for scuba diving …me all xcited man this one place is sooooo
    b’ful…can i click snaps unda wata’ ???i dont know so asked mayb
    u can help…byeeee

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