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MY VILLAGE by Deepak V.

In Journeys on January 23, 2008 at 9:20 am


My Village 

Village!! Whenever we hear the word what comes to your mind. Fresh  green trees and open streets with fresh air and beautiful scenario???. Well that was not exactly what came into my mind when I heard for the first time that we are going to our village. Of!! What a bore of time and a waste of lovely two months holidays.Aaaaah!! no parks no discos no movies no ice-cream parlors. I did sulk for a few days till we began moving for our village – PALLASSANA.  

 This was the first visit to my village after my dad got his posting to Trivandrum. Till then I had been in the commercial streets of Bhopal and Raipur. Well who knew what was on stock for me? We began our journey to Palghat by train on the 15th of May and we reached Palghat on 16th morning 7:00 am, from there we proceeded through bus to Pallassana and reached there at 9:00 am. There stood the place where my father had been bought up with his brothers and sisters. Well at the first sight I did not like it. All I saw was a kucha road and houses on both sides with no people and only cycles and occasionally an auto rickshaw. (As I said!! Who knows?) There was our own house also but it was untouched for years together with occasionally our old aged maid coming and cleaning. She has been there with us since my father was a small child. My mother’s relatives as well as many of my father’s friends stay here. So we had no accommodation problem.  Firstly we unpacked and then my father took me to the temple tank to bath. Weee!! It was fun yaar. For once I don’t min coming to the village. Then we had delicious breakfast prepared by my mother’s aunt. Yum!! The village food.. Then I went around on myself and explored the village. What fresh air and calm environment?? Unlike our city! I met many village children and introduced myself to them. They were really friendly. They took me around the village and showed me everything!! I agreed to play with them everyday as long as I was there. Of these ANAND was my best friend and he was of my same age. We became good friends and I even got to ride his bi-cycle whenever I wanted. Life was fun for the next few days. No homework; no books; no assignments; no study; ah!! That’s life. I could play or roam around for the whole day and as it was a village no need to worry about the safety even at night!!! I could roam about anywhere anytime I wanted.  Well days passed together and so did  my holidays!! They  were about to come to an end. I had to go. I was really not  in a mood to go. Imagine??? A boy who never wanted to come to his village is now not in a mood to go. Well it taught me not to judge anything at a first go. But since now I am close to my village I can go at least once in two months.   

Deepak V



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