E Zine of KV Pattom published by the Library


In Poetry on January 23, 2008 at 9:40 am



When I was a small child

I was jealous and selfish                                                 

That time my brother was a baby and

Always screamed to get my mother’s attention

 My mother always cared my brother and

It was unbearable that someone gets more than me!

 I found that my mother spends more time with him

But she tells me only to do my home works 

I dreamed of getting lots of love and care

But that all was just for vain! I wanted all her attention on me

 But it remained as a dream She gave my brother whatever he wanted

But she fulfilled some of my needs only My mother never taught me

But she taught him ABCD…! 

Now I have grown up little more 

And my brother also became a boy 

I feel so happy to be a sister of himHe is always with me to help 

 Now I know that jealous and selfishness

Have no room in the joy of sharing.  

Let me think what would have beenIf my mother cared me more than him!

 I have realized that mothers Love all their children equally

 It was all my useless and silly thoughts

That I was not cared by my mother 



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