E Zine of KV Pattom published by the Library

MY HEART LEAPS UP by Salini Johnson

In Poetry on January 19, 2008 at 2:32 pm



 Oh! My heart leaps up,
When I smell the fresh pages,
When I flip through a book,
When I read above all,
The book close to my heart.
From my favorite fiction,
The boy comes wading through words,
To conquer my mind at first sight.
His lightning-shaped scar stands out,
Among the fantasy;
I sat still to swallow,
The boy’s numerous adventures.
Set out my little hero,
With his friends which made the trio.
Gaping I sat at the way,
He protected the “Philosopher’s Stone”,
The terrific book did not meet its end,
For the “Chamber of Secrets” was nonetheless different,
To embrace him none came,
Until his godfather arrived,
In the “Prisoner of Azkaban”.
Within Hogwarts he boarded,
Where he was chosen,
As a Triwizard Champion,
By the “Goblet of Fire”.
And then He came,
Like a speck of dirt on a clean floor,
Ah! Yes, that was Lord Voldemort.
My idol teamed up,
The “Order of the Phoenix ” to defend,
The Dark Lord and his cronies.
Though failed in the first attempt,
The Chosen One kept his nerve,
Like a valiant warrior.
Next the unreal youth came by,
The “Half Blood Prince’s” potion book,
And that’s how he witnessed,
An incredulous turn of events.
I was glad just as he,
At the fall of dark wizards,
Oh! The magical world wrapped me,
With its arms of wands and potions and broomsticks.
Then the legend lad solved,
The riddle of the “Deathly Hallows”,
But not without great effort.
At last my champion with glasses,
Restored well over evil, he did,
Only to emerge as my hero,
And I his fan again!
But I won’t let you think,
That I can’t recognize the barrier,
Between fact and fiction.
Truly, Harry Potter ruled my heart,
I welcomed him as my little brother,
Who was up to mischief all the time,
Only that they were all great!
Indubitably one can say,
That the creator of “The Boy Who Lived”,
Reigns over the continents,
With her unimaginable imagination.

Salini Johnson,


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